Failure to Diagnose a Prenatal Injury

In today's America, doctors have access to a wide array of prenatal diagnostic tests to determine whether a pregnancy is going well, and additional tests to plan a strategy for medical care in the event a problem arises with the baby or mother. Unfortunately, many doctors fail to order the required tests or prescribe the right treatment, often because they are more concerned about costs and insurance coverage than they are about the patients' health.

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If you or your baby suffered a birth injury that you think should have been prevented if your doctor had followed through with a higher level of prenatal care, you may have a valid medical malpractice claim. If you reside in Pennsylvania, turn to Alvin F. de Levie & Associates for experienced legal representation.

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Birth injury attorney Alvin F. de Levie has a reputation in the medical malpractice field for standing up to fight aggressively on behalf of families who have suffered the devastating effects of a birth injury to a baby or mother.

Our firm's litigation experience in this complex area of law includes successful settlements and verdicts related to preventable injuries such as:

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