Injuries from Inducing Labor

While most doctors try to delay inducing labor unless it becomes absolutely necessary, some are quick to make the decision, often causing medical problems for the mother and injuries to the baby, which could have been avoided.

Inducing labor has physiological effects on the mother and baby, as contractions can become more powerful, forcing the baby into position and into the birth canal before everything would otherwise have been in place for a natural, non-induced birth.

One of the most common birth injuries resulting from induced labor is damage to the baby's brain due to difficulty breathing during the powerful forced contractions. Babies born through induced labor are frequently the ones requiring respirators during post-natal hospital care.

Injuries To The Mother

Mothers who give birth with induced labor often suffer damage to their uterus due to the unnaturally strong contractions. In many cases, the damage prevents them from further pregnancies. The medications required to control pain following birth often have an afterlife in the mother's system, as well, which affect breast-feeding safely.

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