Improper Monitoring of Baby and Mother

Safe births begin with proper monitoring. During prenatal visits, in the hospital during the earliest stages of contractions, in the delivery room and during post-natal care.

While mothers certainly suffer a higher degree of risk if nurses and doctors don't properly monitor heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels throughout the process, the baby is at greater risk for serious and possibly life-long injuries.

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If you or your baby suffered a birth injury or serious medical condition because medical professionals did not properly monitor your vital signs during delivery, you might have a valid medical malpractice lawsuit. Schedule a consultation with attorney Alvin F. de Levie at one of our office locations in communities across Pennsylvania. Mr. de Levie is a successful trial lawyer with years of experience aggressively representing families that have suffered injury and the loss of a baby or mother due to medical negligence.

Common types of injuries that can result from improper monitoring during prenatal care, delivery and post-natal care include:

Post-Natal Monitoring Of The Baby

After delivery, doctors must continue monitoring the baby for an increased level of bilirubin in the blood. An unchecked high bilirubin count can result in jaundice. Doctors monitoring for bilirubin counts must take into account the rate of increased levels and whether the baby was delivered prior to expected due date. With proper monitoring, the condition should be diagnosed quickly and treatment options prescribed before the baby suffers injury.

Infections To The Mother

Following delivery by natural birth or C-section, the mother suffers a greatly increased chance of contracting a hospital infection. Nursing staff and doctors must monitor the mother continuously during her post-natal stay in the hospital.

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