Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial Truck Accidents

All drivers are required to keep their vehicles under their control at all times. If they simply did that, there would be no rear-end collisions, right? Indeed, there would be no traffic accidents at all.

Determining who was at fault in a rear-end collision may seem straightforward, but it's often more complex than you might expect. Yes, it's probably true that the driver of the striking car failed to stop in time, but that is not the only fact to consider. Often enough, the car in front stopped short, leaving no opportunity for the car behind to stop. In other cases, the striking car would have stopped but was itself struck by another vehicle. In a few cases, the car in front may have backed into the car behind.

Were you injured in a rear-end car accident and are afraid you may not be eligible for compensation because you may have been partially at fault? You may still qualify! Contact me now for a free evaluation of your case.

I am attorney Alvin de Levie, and I have handled many rear-end collisions over the course of my career as a personal injury lawyer. I understand that every case is different, and I will work with you to understand the accident from your point of view. Working with accident reconstructionists and other experts, I can then work to determine the true cause of the crash.

If you were partially at fault, you might still be eligible for compensation under Pennsylvania law. Our state uses a comparative fault rule, which means you can seek compensation as long as you were less at fault than the other driver.

My Firm Has Won Million- and Multimillion-Dollar Settlements and Awards

I have been fighting for the rights of Pennsylvania car accident victims for over 35 years, and I have obtained millions of dollars for my clients in case settlements and jury awards. I will work with you personally to maximize your recovery for past, present and future:
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation or disability
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Pain, suffering and emotional distress
Call Now for a Personal Case Evaluation by Alvin de Levie

Please contact me online or call 844-777-2529 for a free initial consultation. I will answer all of your questions about fault and liability in rear-end collisions and explain how the personal injury claims process works. I represent clients across Pennsylvania from offices in Philadelphia, State College, Clearfield, Lock Haven and Bellefonte, but I can also arrange to meet you at home or in your hospital if you cannot travel.

In injury cases, Alvin F. de Levie & Associates covers all upfront legal costs and handles the cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you need not pay anything unless I make a recovery for you.

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