Construction Work Accidents

Construction/Work Accidents

Construction accidents number over 100,000 every year in the U.S. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does great work inspecting construction sites in an effort to limit that number, but preventable accidents still happen.

The construction industry is also the source of the greatest number of private industry fatalities in the country. Losing a loved one is devastating. Professional legal representation is a must.

We Handle Work Injury Cases Across Industries

It's important to consult a team of injury lawyers in Pennsylvania who have had extensive experience handling work accident injury claims. Corporations typically have powerful lawyers working for them, and their insurance providers tend to be even more powerful.

Will Workers' Compensation Insurance Cover My Work Injury Expenses?

Workers' comp doesn't account for the full value of past, present and future expenses and hardships. Your claim might even be diminished or denied. Subcontractors, delivery companies, parts and equipment manufacturers, property owners, and other third parties can be held accountable for the full and fair compensation that you deserve if we can prove negligence or a defective product failure.

At Alvin F. de Levie & Associates, a team of experts will work on your case, and we handle all upfront legal costs. Because we pursue work injury cases on a contingency fee basis, we get paid only if you secure a financial settlement or verdict.

The last thing you may think about at this time may be calling an attorney. But it's critical that we get to the scene of the accident on the same day it occurred. It's important for us to get there well before insurance adjusters.

Call me, attorney Alvin de Levie, at 844-777-2529 to schedule a free initial consultation about your injury case. We also represent passersby who are injured because of construction site negligence.

What Is Maximum Compensation From a Work Accident Injury Claim?

Our independent investigation will establish the full and fair value of your case, and I will aggressively advocate for your maximum compensation if we determine that your claim has merit. Whether you are an injured construction worker, restaurant server or office worker, we can maximize your injury claim.

If you have been injured in an electrical accident, a fall from scaffolding, an elevator accident, a vehicle accident, a collapsed trench, a warehouse, a factory, an office building or because of an OSHA violation, we may be able to help you recover compensation that includes:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages/income
  • Pain and suffering (workers' comp won't cover this)
  • Rehabilitation (workers' comp may not cover this)
  • Disability benefits
  • Job retraining
  • Wrongful death benefits
Time Is of the Essence— Tell Us About Your Claim Now

Work accident injuries can involve life-changing consequences. Medical attention and legal counsel are critical. Please contact us online or call us at 844-777-2529 to schedule a meeting with me to discuss the unique details of your case. We have offices in Philadelphia, State College, Clearfield, Lock Haven an Bellefonte.

Again, we handle all injury cases on a contingency fee basis.We only collect legal fees if you secure a settlement or a favorable verdict, and we take on all upfront legal costs while your case is in progress.

Tell Us About Your Case

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