Improper Lane Changes

Improper Lane Changes

Tractor-trailers are a common sight on the Interstate, but many people don't realize just how large they really are. Trailers are typically 48 or 53 feet long, and a standard truck tractor with a single trailer can be more than 75 feet long. On some routes in Pennsylvania, you can find twin or tandem trailers, where a single tractor hauls two commercial containers. These are big rigs, indeed.

The size differential between a long-haul commercial truck and a passenger vehicle makes any collision between the two very dangerous. At the same time, those who drive these monstrous vehicles often suffer from limited visibility and poor control, especially when inadequately maintained. Commercial drivers sometimes suffer from the delusion that they are "king of the road" and other drivers should just get out of their way.

Did a commercial driver swerve into your lane and cause an accident? Improper lane changes are a common cause of commercial truck accidents, and it can be hard to prove the truck driver was at fault. That's why it's important to contact me now.

I am Alvin de Levie, and I have been representing people injured in truck crashes for more than 35 years. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident, don't give up because the trucker or trucking company has denied fault. You need a high-caliber personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and fight for the full amount of compensation you need.

Sudden Lane Shifts by Semi Trucks Can Cause Catastrophic Harm

Federal trucking regulations require commercial drivers to obey state traffic laws. Speeding and other moving violations are even more dangerous in such a large vehicle, yet commercial drivers can be prone to commit them.

Why? One reason is inadequate driver training, especially when more than one trailer is involved. Big trucks can be hard to maneuver, even when hauling only a single trailer. Drivers need training on how to navigate such a large vehicle safely — and on how to see around the bulk of the truck to keep an eye on traffic. Changing lanes may seem simple, but it takes care and attention to change lanes in an 18-wheeler.

Unfortunately, some drivers are not up to the task. Others may be distracted, intoxicated or short on sleep.

I will work with a team of specialists, expert witnesses and other attorneys to determine the underlying cause of the accident and who is legally responsible. Then, I will work personally with you to build a strong case that establishes the full amount needed to compensate you for your injuries and losses, such as:
  • Expenses for immediate and long-term medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation and skilled nursing costs
  • Lost income and any lost earning capacity
  • Lost vehicle and personal belongings
  • Pain and suffering
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If a commercial truck driver's improper lane change or bad driving caused your truck wreck, please call me at 844-777-2529 or contact me online to set up a free case evaluation. I can meet with you at my offices in Philadelphia, State College, Clearfield, Lock Haven or Bellefonte, or at your home or hospital if necessary.

My firm covers all upfront costs associated with my clients' cases, and I handle all injury cases on a contingency fee basis— you owe nothing unless I secure a settlement or verdict for you.

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